“Look to the Light” Lyrics

Look to the light, the light in the window,Look to the Light cover
The simple lit candles that shimmer and shine,
The message is clear as simple lit candles,
The passion for freedom is yours and is mine.

For two thousand years their glow sends a message:
The struggle of peoples who yearn to be free.
Not by might and not by power
By faith and by will our freedom shall be.

The menorah glowed in Jerusalem’s Temple,
In Washington’s campsite and Billings, Montana.
If each of us lights just one little candle
The light of freedom will also shine here.

A bleak winter’s night at Washington’s campsite
The snow was falling and spirits were cold.
When Washington looked to the lights of the candles,
Like Maccabee soldiers they grew brave and bold.

Hate had twisted Hanukkah’s vision.
A window-pane shattered, one family alone.
A minister’s faith in the soul of the city
Brought lights to each window, to each Billings home.

Look to the light, the light in the window,
Simple candles that shimmer and shine.

          Lyrics by Rabbi Daniel T. Grossman

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